Early Years

Pupils in this group are aged 1 – 5 years and are distributed as follows:

Baby School: 1 year

Playgroup: 2 years

Nursery 1: 3 years

Nursery 2: 4 years

Year R: 5 years

As a pre-school level, the emphasis here is to acquaint pupils with skills needed to succeed when formal primary education starts. To this end, letter names and sounds recognition, speech formation, psychomotor drills and good manners (playing, eating) etc form the bulk of the curriculum. Subjects here include Literacy (English); Numeracy (Mathematics); Creative Development (Art); Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Social Studies); Bible Study; and Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Science).

By the end of Year R, pupils are expected to be reading fluently, which enables them to cope with the individual work that is expected at the primary level.

In recognition of the upmost importance of educational experiences during the early years of a child, the demand for early childcare continues to increase. Childhood is very important and it is our aspiration at Heritage, for every child to have many fun and satisfying learning experiences. Our aim is to develop positive attitudes to learning in all our children; of which PLAY is the key to how young children learn. While playing, children can develop confidence, independence, social skills for personal development, counting skills and abilities needed to explore their environment.

The early years stage is about you and your child working hand in hand with us to ensure your child’s needs are met – reading together, singing nursery rhymes, playing games, simply counting are some ways your child can learn either with you or with us.. Learning can be done everywhere.

Heritage gives your child the opportunity to a warm atmosphere where they can grow and develop, enjoy new friends and enjoy a Christian school learning experience.