Our Curriculum

At Heritage Academy, we operate a rich blend of curriculums. Using the Nigerian national curriculum as core, we have infused into it aspects of the British curriculum because we believe that education should both be localized and internationalized. Most important, this blend is sifted through the lens of scripture as the ultimate filter of truth. In other words, we teach from a Biblical worldview, whether in Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Language or Arts.

Our curriculum covers the standard-based content that highlights 21st century skills such as creative development, communication, critical thinking and novelty. And all our teachers use a selection of approaches to respond to each child’s learning needs and interests.

We have a goal for each child to continuously increase in their vocabulary, health habits and other areas of learning remarkably. So in addition, we created other forms of courses for your child to help boost reading, problem solving and critical reasoning.

Co-curricular activities are given a pride of place with Discipleship Class, Science and Space Club, Green Fingers (Gardening), Performing Arts Club, and Homemakers Club being run. Pupils/students take swimming lessons for a whole term every academic year.

This is a truly unique educational package, aimed at producing the TOTAL CHILD as captured in Luke 2:52: stature (physical development), wisdom (cognitive development), favour with man (social development) and favour with God (spiritual development).